• Zoltán Kövér
    Zoltán, the high notes specialist of the band, likes all kind of spooky animals: reptiles, snakes and insects. He is able to lie on the ground for hours with his camera to make small insects look huge on screen. Besides his passion for macrophotography, he enjoys to play early music on period instruments and is always perfectly organized. Zoltán has loads of energy and he is the locomotive of the band.
  • Jaakko Gummerus
    In his previous life, Jaakko used to study chemistry, but luckily at some point he decided to replace the glass tubes with brass ones. He is a great fan of football and an even bigger fan of ice hockey. After a frosty match he can heat up the mood with a sizzling column that he publishes on a Finnish hockey website. This team sports enthusiast knows how to pass the puck in musical surroundings, too, thus bringing team spirit into the ensemble’s work.
  • Nadja Demnati
    Nadja, co-founder of the ensemble, is a nature-lover. She loves to spend her time in the forest and see the world on horseback. She is able to survive in the wilderness thanks to her expertise in mushrooms and berries. Her faithful companion Cara the Dog provides protection against the wild beasts and warm cuddles after the freezing hours of mushroom hunting. As well as Nadja can survive in the nature, unfortunately the nature can’t survive in her household yet. Her project for the future is to learn how to keep her herbs and garden plants alive.
  • József Hárs
    József could be presented with one word: Explosion. He is able to “bulldoze” anyone at any time with a wide variety of tools. He is an expert of the high-end coffee culture. His own specialty - referring to the creator’s precision - is called: Engineer’s Coffee. Consumption of it carries a risk of heart attack. Inasmuch as someone survives and would like to complain, they may try in four languages, but the plaintive has to be prepared that Mr. Hárs speaks extremely quickly and a lot. If the guest persistently insists on complaining, they'd still better think twice, since József is boxing on a weekly basis. In addition, he is obsessed with fixed-gear cycling and photography. Last but not least, he is a also professional conductor. By his own admission, he is still a better horn player than a conductor. Would someone dare to argue with him ...?
  • József Hárs
    Dmitry plays the trumpet marvellously. He is the “secret agent” of the group; every now and then we learn a bit more about his ''next-to- the-trumpet'' skills. For example, he is able to play organ and work as a conductor. Besides playing the trumpet he likes good-looking and comfortable cars – as expected of an agent.
  • Nicolas Indermuhle
    Nicolas absolutely belies the image of a typical tuba player. He is not fat, not slow and doesn’t get confused in rehearsals. He can bike easily thousands of kilometres, while tirelessly collecting and bringing fresh ideas into the ensemble’s life. Nicolas is so lucky and strong that he can handle several loves in his life at the same time, without the risk of making them jealous of each other (bike, tubas, serpent, ophicleide). Maybe his secret is to set the order correctly, so above all stands his beautiful wife, Saara.
  • Pasi Makinen
    Pasi is the ''never-tired- chops'' dude. He can play loud, high and low for hours. Besides his amazing chops, he writes spicy arrangements for the ensemble. He is also the archetype of the perfect grown-up Finn: he hunts and likes the sauna very-very hot! Oh yes, and he is able to play a compensated euphonium in tune.
  • Sakari Kekola
    Sakari is calm and tall like Mount Fuji in the morning mist. Besides playing his bass trombone and writing excellent arrangements for the ensemble, he dedicates his free time to immersing himself in Japanese culture. He is already a master of counting to thirty, and - perhaps for this reason - he has thirty types of mostly green tea in his cupboard. In order to develop the required fine motor skills for bass trombone, Sakari is learning to write hiragana characters.
  • Teemu Salmi
    Teemu is a real gourmand. He has refined taste whether about food making or brass playing. In parallel with music, the biggest love of his life is cooking using organic, locally produced and unprocessed goods. Nothing exemplifies his passion better than his claim: “When I moved to my first own apartment in Lahti I bought a cookbook and started from beginning to make every dish in that book. It took one year to finish!” Other than music and cooking, Teemu likes to travel and learn about new cultures and people or “just simply” to chase the ball on a nice, green golf course.
  • Xiang Guo
    Xiang is the youngest player of the ensemble, belonging to the digital generation. He is up-to- date regarding technology since he communicates often via voice message. Xiang is the ''plug-and- play'' dude: plug in the mouthpiece and he will play anything. He is also a multiple prize winner of competitions. Since he likes the big wide sound, he plays as much as possible on the B-flat trumpet.