Helten Brass Ensemble

Helten Brass Ensemble is a Helsinki based ensemble, comprised of ten musicians, and was founded in 2012 by current and former students of Sibelius Academy and musicians from some of Finland’s major orchestras, including Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Finnish National Opera Orchestra, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra, Kuopio Symphony Orchestra and Finnish Baroque Orchestra.

The goal of the ensemble is to produce high quality chamber music performances, demonstrating the virtuosity, versatility, unique timbres and a wide range of other possibilities for a variety of brass instruments.

Helten Brass Ensemble performs a range of repertoire including “standard” ten-piece ensemble works by contemporary composers, as well as a considerable amount of music which has been arranged by members of the ensemble. These works include a variety from sacred music from the renaissance and baroque, through different eras to modern film music.

Helten Brass Ensemble’s members are Zoltán Kövér, Dmitrij Ermilov, Jaakko Gummerus, Xiang Guo (trumpet); József Hárs (horn); Nadja Demnati, Pasi Mäkinen, Teemu Salmi, Sakari Kekola (trombone); Nicolas Indermühle (tuba)